What is a CBD outdoor of The CBD Wholesaler?

Outdoor Cannabis is exposed to the natural environment and specifically natural sunlight which will allow growers to rely on the power of the sun instead of using other alternatives that are costly. However, they are not as good as indoor strains. 

what is the best strain of weed to grow outdoors?

It goes without saying that there are countless flowers that can be grown. However, we can list some of the easiest weed strains to grow outdoors. White widow, Super Silver Haze, and OG Kush among others are the best outdoor weed plant. 

how to grow outdoor weed?/ how long does it take for outdoor weed to grow?

In fact, the growing season for outdoor seeds varies from one region to another depending on different factors such as climate change.

Generally, outdoor kush needs sun exposure of almost 6 hours a day (during high-quality lighting), good drainage, and rich organic soil to activate the flowering stage. 

With these conditions, outdoor seeds take between 3 to 6 months to grow and can exceed 10 feet tall depending on the grower’s needs. 

The CBD wholesaler is the official distributor of CBD Outdoor flowers 100% Legal in Europe(France, United Kingdom, Sweden..)

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