JUNGLE MOSSES Premium mix 20g


Jungle Mosses Premium mix is a distinctive blend of CBD flowers, boasting a fruity and indulgent flavor. Cultivated by us in Europe, this unique Premium mix lives up to its name and is intended for use in a wide range of rituals.

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Jungle Mosses CBD Premium mix

When searching for the best CBD Premium mix product, several factors should be taken into consideration before making a purchase, including quality and price. While many locations across the UK and Europe offer CBD products, Dusty Green goes the extra mile by providing an even larger variety of products that deliver the desired results, whether it’s relaxation, creativity, an energy boost, or for medical purposes. To enhance the customer experience, we offer some of the lowest prices in the market for our top-quality, naturally grown flowers that are 100% chemical-free, thanks to the expertise of Europe’s best farmers and growers. Among our diverse CBD products, Jungle Mosses CBD Premium mix stands out with its unique lemony taste and captivating aroma, offering a journey of pure relaxation and adventure. The Dusty Green family invites you to become a member by trying our award-winning and organic Jungle Mosses.

How much does Jungle Mosses CBD Premium mix cost?

At Dusty Green, Jungle Mosses is available for €24.5, which includes 1 pack of 5 pre-rolled joints plus an additional pre-rolled joint. Alternatively, you can choose the option of 1 pack of 10 pre-rolled joints plus 2 additional pre-rolled joints for €44.5. We also offer a large pack of 20 pre-rolled joints with an additional pack of 20 grams of CBD Premium mix for only €80. Paying too much for anything feels terrible, especially for CBD products where the whole experience should be interactive. That’s why Dusty Green offers unmatched prices on all our CBD products, allowing you to enjoy the strong sensation of Jungle Mosses CBDPremium mixat the lowest and most affordable price in the UK and Europe. Don’t wait too long, as with Dusty Green, you’ll have the opportunity to save money for some snacks to enjoy after your experience with Jungle Mosses CBD Premium mix.

What is Jungle Mosses Premium mix?

Jungle Mosses is a special strain that perfectly balances relaxation and intensity, offering a smooth and fruity taste with a kick that can only be described as being transported into a dimension of pure happiness. It is designed for individuals who want to explore their deeper selves and connect with nature’s pure spirit. With our pre-rolled joints, you can enjoy Jungle Mosses whenever and wherever you desire, whether it’s feeding the ducks at the park or searching for the meaning of life atop a mountain. This strain is a blend of our finest CBD flowers, grown organically indoors to preserve its natural scent.

Packaging and Shipping

There’s nothing quite like being couch-locked, watching your favorite show, and indulging in snacks. So why ruin it by leaving your home when Dusty Green offers shipping to all regions across Europe and the UK? You’ll receive your product within 3 to 5 days. We provide worldwide shipping to all our customers, and our smell-proof packaging ensures that your CBD product remains as fresh as a daisy.

FAQs about Jungle Mosses CBD Premium mix

Where can I get Jungle Mosses CBD Premium mix?

Jungle Mosses CBD Premium mix is available at Dusty Green and our partner dispensaries like Leaf-O’clock. If your goal is to journey to a universe where stress is merely a myth and relaxation is a reality, then come and try our organic CBD products. We welcome all adventurers.

What are the benefits of Jungle Mosses CBD Premium mix?

CBD products are the future of herbal and natural medicine. Through numerous trials and experiments, it has been scientifically proven that CBD products like Jungle Mosses Premium mix can help with stress relief, weight loss, sleep deprivation, and chronic pain. Additionally, CBD Premium mix is an organic product that contains 0% chemicals, making it a superior option to other medications with many side effects.

Where is Jungle Mosses grown?

All of our CBD products are grown in Europe, where the soil is renowned for its richness in natural minerals. With the assistance of our expert growers, we have created the best and most innovative CBD products just for you.

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