Dusty green prepared you its mixture of exception Jungle Mosses Premium mix, a learned recipe of flowers of CBD cultivated in Europe, in the wild, wooded and lemony taste.

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Jungle Torch CBD Premium mix

CBD has become increasingly prevalent in our society, particularly following scientific trials that have proven its numerous uses and medical potential, such as aiding with sleep problems and anxiety. It offers a much better solution than pharmaceuticals due to its natural and organic nature, affordability, and the fact that it provides a peaceful and joyful experience. Traditional medications often come with various side effects, making CBD a preferred alternative. As the popularity of CBD products continues to rise across the UK and Europe, if you are seeking the best organic products at the most affordable prices, accompanied by interactive customer service, Dusty Green is your ultimate choice.

We offer a wide variety of CBD products to fulfill all your needs, and one of our most innovative offerings is Jungle Torch CBD Premium mix. This strain provides a unique blend of total peace and intense spiritual awakening, all while remaining 100% chemical-free.

How much does Jungle Torch CBD Premium mix cost?

With Dusty Green, you have a range of pricing and package options when choosing Jungle Torch CBD Flower. You can opt for a pack of 5 pre-rolled joints, with an additional pre-rolled joint, priced at €24.5. Alternatively, you can choose the pack of 10 pre-rolled joints, which includes 2 additional pre-rolled joints, for €44.5. For the true adventurers, we offer a large pack of 20 pre-rolled joints, along with an additional pack of 20 grams of CBD Premium mix, priced at €80. Imagine enjoying the best CBD product in the UK and Europe while saving money for snacks after your smoke session. This is not just a dream; it’s a reality. With Dusty Green, you can obtain Jungle Torch CBD Premium mix and any other CBD product at unbelievably low prices. Our commitment to affordability and professionalism is the foundation of our work, and your satisfaction and happiness are our top priorities. So, come visit Dusty Green and get your Jungle Torch today, allowing your creativity to ignite.

What is Jungle Torch CBD Premium mix ?

As the name suggests, Jungle Torch CBD Premium mix ignites an experience akin to the vibrant colors and feelings of freedom and tranquility found in New York City on New Year’s Eve. With CBD levels ranging from 12% to 16% and THC content limited to just 0.2%, it will transport you to a world of peace and spiritual fulfillment. Enjoy it as a pre-rolled joint, allowing you to savor it anywhere you desire, whether it’s at the park during a leisurely stroll, on the beach while gazing at a beautiful sunset, or even while exploring the depths of the Amazon jungle with a torch in one hand and a joint in the other. Alternatively, you can use it as a powder or small buds, giving you the freedom to roll it, incorporate it into your diet, or create a delightful afternoon tea.

Packaging and Shipping

You need not worry about the hassle of obtaining your CBD product, as we offer shipping and delivery to all our customers in Europe and the UK within 3 to 5 days, ensuring your relaxation remains undisturbed. We understand that the loss of freshness and natural scent can be disheartening. At Dusty Green, we package our CBD products in smell-proof bags, allowing you to experience the fresh fiery aroma of Jungle Torch.

What are the effects of Jungle Torch CBD Premium mix?

Jungle Torch CBD Premium mix offers a unique experience that torches away stress and anxiety while providing a sensation of pure happiness. The CBD content in Jungle Torch enables it to act as a therapeutic compound for various issues, including sleep problems, while also offering a relaxed way to pass the time, whether it’s lounging on the couch and indulging in your favorite show or snacking on your preferred foods. If you aspire to experience the daily joy felt by Willie Nelson, Jungle Torch is your pathway to achieving just that.

Dusty green prepared you its mixture of exception Jungle Mosses, a learned recipe of flowers of CBD cultivated in Europe, in the wild, wooded and lemony taste.

Where is Jungle Torch CBD Premium mix grown?

To ensure we obtain the best, most natural, and potent strains, we have chosen to cultivate our products in Europe. The soil’s richness in natural minerals, combined with the expertise of our top Europe farmers and growers, guarantees your complete satisfaction and a peaceful experience.

When are the buds ready to harvest?

The time required for the plant to reach full maturity ranges from 4 to 8 months, depending on the plant type and growing conditions. Harvesting should take place when the pistils, the tiny hairs on the buds, have fully darkened and curled in.

What is the difference between CBD shake and CBD trim?

CBD shake refers to the loose material that settles at the bottom of bags or jars, comprising plant matter, kief, and leaves. On the other hand, CBD trim specifically refers to cannabis leaves that possess trichomes.

What are the benefits of Jungle Torch CBD Premium mix ? In addition to being a perfect solution for stress and anxiety, Jungle Torch is renowned for its smooth and fruity taste that you’re sure to love. It has also been shown to aid in weight loss by reducing food cravings.

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